5 planets alignment 2023: Latest & Best Know where and how

5 planets alignment in the arc form tonight, People can watch
this rare astronomical event with naked eyes. It is not a normal event, it is something
which happen rarely. A large number of people are excited to witness this moment and are willing to see 5 planets alignment together

5 Planets Alignment 2023:

It is the rare spectacular phenomena people are going to enjoy today March 28, 2023. Five main planets will be visible in the night sky –

5 Planets Alignment

Planets that will be visible are:

  1. Venus
  2. Jupiter
  3. Mercury
  4. Mars
  5. Uranus

People would be able to watch Venus and Jupiter with naked eyes as these are the most visible and bright planets

But those who are more interested in watching Mercury, Mars and Uranus, would
require Binoculars or Telescopes as they are difficult to spot.

Sky watchers must note that the planets will start disappearing from the sky after
30 minutes of the sunset so people who are curious to witness this are
astronomical event,

be ready with all the equipment’s. This formation is especially
rare because it includes Uranus, the seventh planet of the solar system and one of
the hardest to spot from Earth.

why the planetary alignment happens?

The planetary alignment usually happens when some planets get close to each
other on one side of the sun at a particular time.

Venus will be the brightest among all so people should be ready to enjoy this moment

People can watch this rare ‘Planet Parade’ after 07:00 PM

5 Planets Alignment 2023: Where to Watch

Five planets will come together in rare alignment after the sunset. However, they
will not be aligned in a straight line. If you want to capture the best moment
without any obstruction then it is advised to go to the location which is pollution
free or have a clear horizon.
Jupiter be seen first around 7:30 in the evening after sunset and after that
all other planets such as Venus, Uranus, Moon, and Mars will be visible and this is
going to be an excited astronomical event to watch all the 5 stars together in the