Bihar Board Result 2023: New Topper of Shekhpura, Ranker of Aurangabad

Bihar Board Result 2023 Live Update:

The wait for the students who take the matriculation examination at Bihar Board is going to end today. Examination results were released by the board. Preparations were completed at all levels by the board for this. Education Minister Prof. Chandrasekhar issued the result. Official announcement was made to declare the test result.

Bihar Board result 2023 of the matriculation was released on the official website of

First update of all the information related to matriculation results will be available to the students from here.

Bihar Board Result 2023:

Bihar Board result 2023

Shopkeeper’s son did awesome, Veda of Zahnabad made it to Top 10
The son of a man who runs a grocery store in Zahnabad has done something

Veda, the son of a minor shopkeeper, has done wonders by finishing 6th in the entire Bihar in the matriculation examination conducted by the Bihar School Examination Committee. After this success, there is a influx of people who greeted Veda’s house. Veda has got 480 marks in the 500 exam. Veda has studied up to matriculation from high school Hulasganj High School in his village itself. Veda wants to crack II T.

Abhishek Chaudhary of Darbhanga got fifth rank The result of the matriculation examination has been issued by the Bihar Board. Kumar Chaudhary, a Darbhanga resident and student of Pokharam High School, has taken over the toppers list. Abhishek has got fifth place in the entire Bihar.

Abhishek has received 481 numbers as per the result issued by Bihar Board. After the result, Abhishek told that good results would come, he knew but the toppers would never have thought. Laddu has been distributed since the results were released in Abhishek’s village. His parents say that the son has made the dream come true.

Bihar Board Result 2023:

Toppers will receive the award Board President Anand Kishore said, coming in first place will be awarded a medal in addition to one lakh rupees, a laptop and a Kindle e book reader.

Those coming in second place will be awarded medals in addition to Rs 75,000, one laptop and one Kindle e book reader. Those in third place will be given Rs 50,000, a laptop and Kindle e book reader and medal. Those visiting Forth will be provided Rs 10,000, a laptop and a Kindle e book reader and medal.